Repair your lawn's "bare spots" by reseeding the grass. Earl's Lawn Care uses Scott's Turf Builder to help eliminate weeds and thicken grass.

Early autumn, spring, and early summer are the primary seasons to seed, lay sod (turf), plant liners, or sprig new lawns, when the soil is warmer and air cooler.

Seeding is the least expensive, but takes longer for the lawn to be established. Aerating just before planting/seeding will promote deeper root growth and will help thicken turf.

Sodding (turfing) provides an almost instant lawn, and can be planted in most temperate climates in any season, but is more expensive and more vulnerable to drought until established. Hydroseeding is a quick, less expensive method of planting large, sloped or hillside landscapes. Some grasses and sedges are available and planted from liner and 4-inch (100 mm) containers, from flats, plugs or sprigs, and are planted apart to grow together.

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