Customer Testimonials

 Lawn Care

Earl has been doing our yard work for almost three years now. He has been very dependable, doing what is needed, without our having to tell him. He has made several suggestions that will improve the condition of our yard, and we look forward to doing them as we can. Bottom line is we are very satisfied with his service.

— Chuck Desch

Lawn care

Mr. Passmore has taken care of my lawn for several years. I am pleased with his work, honesty and willingness to share ideas when problems arise. He is most dependable and will do whatever it takes to help solve weed and grass problems.

— Joyce Cur

Lawn Care

Mr. Passmore met with quite a challenge when he began taking care of our yard last year. Weakened by the drought and taken over by weeds, the lawn was in poor shape and needed the TLC of a take-charge, knowledgeable expert. Applying Scott's Turf Builder and designing his maintenance according to the seasons, Mr. Passmore nursed the yard back to full, rich, green health—and we're very happy with the results. He is meticulous, hardworking, and conscientious—just what our lawn needs!

—Valerie Price